15 January

Interview with Course Creator Stephen Ressler, Part II

In this episode of Online Course 911, we return to the second part of our interview with course creator Stephen Ressler.

In Part II, Ressler discusses how to make your teaching interactive. As he puts it, “Just because there’s no one there, doesn’t mean you can’t interact with them.” He also talks about different kinds of shots when doing demos and the magic of video.

Then he dives into the advantages of a full script when teaching to video. I have to apologize at this point, because YouTube cut the last 5 minutes of the interview. Sorry about that!

Click here to check out  Dr. Ressler’s course, “DIY Engineering” with The Great Courses.

If you missed Part I, click here to watch. 

If you need help pinning down your course concept (works for books and businesses too!), click here to check out my course! 

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