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How is a hike on an unmarked trail in the wilderness like an online course?

If you don't have a perfectly focused idea of your course concept, it will take forever to find your way through creating your material.

In this week's episode of Online Course 911, we explore this parallel between hiking without a map and creating a course. Then we learn a few simple ways to test the clarity of your concept.

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No matter what you're writing--a course, a book, or a blog--your first draft does the same, critical work.

It has one job and one job only: to let you know what it is you're thinking. But how does it do that?

You've got to start your course with strong open or lose viewers.

In this episode of Online Course 911, you'll learn 5 strategies for great opens. 

Are you struggling to finish your online course? Feeling overwhelmed?

Clarify what's making you stuck and get strategies for moving forward by booking a coaching session today! 

This week's episode tackles WHY having a single core concept is SO critical, and HOW to construct one.

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What could be more frustrating than having a GREAT idea for an online course...and then getting stuck trying to write it? Whether you truly have writer's block or are just overwhelmed at getting started, this process will help you!

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