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Discover some of the secrets behind Nicole Walters’ insanely fast success as an online course creator and entrepreneur--and the surprising things that motivate her.

Please check out the links below to learn more about Nicole Walters and her courses -- "Fierce Clarity" and "$1k1Day"!

Thinking of delivering your course from a script, using a teleprompter--but afraid of sounding wooden?

Fear no longer!This week's episode of Online Course 911 shares the secret to delivering successfully and naturally from a script and with a teleprompter! Along with using a few other insider tips, you'll sound like a pro once you start applying this simple technique.

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Well, if there’s one thing I learned while shooting my own course ("How to Nail Your Course Concept Step-by-Step") recently, it’s that if anything can go wrong…it WILL go wrong!

Starting from the flat tire I got while racing out to pick up flowers for the set, and ending with the video files literally taking days PER FILE to upload…well, let’s just say I have needed every ounce of patience during recording week.

So here are a few lessons—life lessons as well as technical lessons—from my experience.

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Ever wonder what equipment you need to record your online course? Making decisions can be overwhelming!

In this episode of Online Course 911, I'm going to make all that overwhelm go away by taking you behind the scenes as I get ready to record "How to Nail Your Course Concept Step-by-Step," my own online course. I'll show you how to keep your recording equipment simple as well as how to step it up a bit!

In this episode, we deconstruct video sets by 3 of the best online course teachers I know: Nicole Walters, Stu McLaren, and Marie Forleo. We also look at horticulturalist Melinda Myers, with whom I've done several courses.

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