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In this episode of Online Course 911, we return to the second part of our interview with course creator Stephen Ressler.

In Part II, Ressler discusses how to make your teaching interactive. As he puts it, "Just because there's no one there, doesn't mean you can't interact with them." He also talks about why teaching online can have so much more impact than in-class teaching and why it carries such a greater responsibility--and much more.

Click here to check out  Dr. Ressler's course, "DIY Engineering" with The Great Courses.

If you missed Part I, click here to watch. 

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Ever wondered how to do a physical demo so it truly enhances your teaching?

In this episode of Online Course 911, we return to our series with "Behind the Scenes: An Interview with Course Creator Stephen Ressler." Professor Ressler has created numerous 5-star, best-selling courses which feature demonstrations as a primary vehicle for teaching. As far as I'm concerned, he's the best.

Part I gives us 8 Principles for Doing Demonstrations.As a thank you for watching, here's a link to a free PDF with all 8 principles and a few bonus tips: No sign up necessary to get this free gift!

Also, check out Dr. Ressler's course on "DIY Engineering" with The Great Courses!

If you're looking for guidance on how to pin down your course concept (works for books and businesses too!), click here to check out my course!

This week's episode of Online Course 911 digs into the challenges faced and lessons learned when Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan crafted her first course in 2 months--which grossed more than a million dollars the first year.

Jennifer talks about having to write 5,000 words a day, why she advocates both using a script and getting off a script, and why having a coach has helped her so much--and more. She gives course creators a lot of great tips in this interview! 

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This interview with Robert ("Bob") Greenberg looks at what he's learned in more than 25 years of making online courses.

Bob talks about how writing scripts enables you to pack in more content, why drama is an essential element of teaching online, and the difference between producing with a big company and doing it yourself--and more.

Discover some of the secrets behind Nicole Walters’ insanely fast success as an online course creator and entrepreneur--and the surprising things that motivate her.

Please check out the links below to learn more about Nicole Walters and her courses -- "Fierce Clarity" and "$1k1Day"!

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