11 December

Behind the Scenes with Course Creator Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan

This week’s episode of Online Course 911 digs into the challenges faced and lessons learned when Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan crafted her first course in 2 months–which grossed more than a million dollars the first year.

Jennifer talks about having to write 5,000 words a day, why she advocates both using a script and getting off a script, and why having a coach has helped her so much–and more. She gives course creators a lot of great tips in this interview! 

Check out Jennifer’s incredible “Everyday Guide to Wine” at  

If you’re interested in her advanced courses on wine, check out her website and sign up for the waitlist:     

Working on a course yourself and need some guidance? A clear core concept helps you not just before you start, but if you’ve started and gotten stuck. Check out “How to Nail Your Course Concept Step-by-Step” at   

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