Author: Marcy McDonald

Marcy McDonald

Marcy McDonald is the former Sr. Director of Content for The Great Courses. As such, she co-ran Product Development, overseeing with the Sr. Director of Operations a team of more than 60 people, plus a contract team of up to 20 more. The annual budget, not including intellectual property, was $10 million.

In this role she worked with luminaries such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and internationally acclaimed photographer Joel Sartore of National Geographic. She is currently an independent course consultant.

She has been a leading force in drawing out and guiding hundreds of the best minds in the world to create video courses—from top university professors to leaders in the world of business, from acclaimed chefs to award-winning authors, from cutting-edge scientists to masters of their fields.

McDonald has developed, written, filmed, and/or supervised more than 450 online courses for lifelong learners in digital, dvd, and cd formats, overseeing more than 580 hours of content annually. She has helped create online courses ranging from one-hour concepts to 96 lectures, on sets with single or multiple cameras, and in the field with freelance crews. She took the lead in conceiving, developing, writing, and recording every new subject category at The Great Courses during her tenure there.

Working with highly esteemed subject matter experts, in addition to crafting effective partnerships with organizations such as Smithsonian Institute, National Geographic, and Culinary Institute of America, has given her a depth and breadth of experience that helps transform teaching and online courses from ordinary to extraordinary.

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