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In this episode, we deconstruct video sets by 3 of the best online course teachers I know: Nicole Walters, Stu McLaren, and Marie Forleo. We also look at horticulturalist Melinda Myers, with whom I've done several courses.

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In this episode we learn a few simple rules about setting up a simple video background--by seeing a lot of what DOESN'T work.

Follow these easy rules to get your background set up so it's not distracting and your audience focuses on the most important part--you!

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You've got to start your course with strong open or lose viewers.

In this episode of Online Course 911, you'll learn 5 strategies for great opens. 

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This week's episode of Online Course 911 gives you 6 pro tips for what to wear to look professional on video so you'll feel confident delivering your content.
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