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A lot of people hesitate to record video for their online courses because they are afraid of making mistakes. Hey, we all make mistakes!

But in video, they're easy to fix. Learn more in this week's episode about how to make mistakes...but FIX them!

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Watch this week's post to learn how to use one of the simplest but often-overlooked teaching tools--deliberately designed onscreen graphics and text.

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Have you ever watched a Facebook, YouTube, or Zoom Live that you TURNED OFF after just a few seconds?

Ouch! That happens all too often.

Doing a live video is one of the best ways to sell online course content, regardless of what platform you use.

If you've ever wanted to know how to do a Facebook live yourself--and do a great job at it--this week's episode will give you all the tips you need to succeed!

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You can satisfy more customers with your video online course if they can take it more than 1 way.

Find out how to make a satisfying audio version of your online course for those students on the go.

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