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Marcy McDonald has worked on more than a dozen courses that earned over $1 million their 1st year. She has coached 100s of subject matter experts from concept to delivery. She has delivered 1000s of hours of course content using everything from smart phones to state-of-the-art studios. In this competitive landscape, can you afford NOT to work with her?

I help you improve your online courses by unpacking what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do to make them better.

Teaching online is not the same as teaching in person. And with so many people creating online courses right now, only those who TRULY understand how to teach with passion, insight, and engagement will succeed. I can help YOU be that person.  Schedule a 1-on-1 Coaching Session today!

First Aid for Online Courses

Why work with Marcy McDonald

  • I’ve helped craft more than a dozen courses that grossed over $1,000,000 in their first year alone. 
  • I’ve worked on more than 400 courses, and overseen more than 4100 hours of content.
  • I’ve helped create online courses on topics ranging from networking to wine to neuroscience.
  • I’ve worked in audio studios, video studios with 5-camera crews, in the field (literally!), and with subject matter experts filming with their laptops or phones.
  • Don’t just take my word for how well I can help you—check out these testimonials!

how to nail your course concept

Meet Our Team

“Marcy’s commitment to quality and her grasp of what is required to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary is a special gift.” —Ken and Gillian Bartlett, Bartlett Cultural Connections, Toronto, Canada

Marcy McDonald


My mission is to create a corner of excellence in the online course world. Personal stuff? I’m kind of intense, kind of goofy, and kind of geeky. Crappy online courses make me cranky. I’m a lifelong learner, mad traveler, dog lover, and a bit of a wanderer.

    Tigger McDonald


    Workload doubles up with serving as Chief Happiness Officer, Fitness Partner, Work-Life Balance Director, Go-Fer. In training to become a therapy dog for veterans.


      Nothing says it better than the words of online course creators I’ve worked with!

      Karine Bell

      Mama Bear Unleashed

      I can hardly express my appreciation for Marcy at this moment. I’ve been working on my course for months and months now, and have such a wealth of content, but started to feel overwhelmed by how much I wanted to share, and uncertain about how to present it all in a way that would facilitate learning and motivate my students to action. Her wealth of experience and expertise is clear, and I look so forward to seeing how her guidance will shape my final product. I feel so lucky to have found her!

      Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan

      MW, Master Of Wine

      “The three biggest benefits of working with Marcy are:
      • She has years of experience working with the best experts across all fields from business to wine
      • She provides a unique clarity in creating efficient and effective strategies
      • Execution, execution, EXECUTION! I’ve never seen anyone able to execute the way she does and with such a kind (yet assertive) personal style.”

      Joel Sartore

      Joel Sartore, Photographer, Author, Teacher, Speaker And Fellow Of The National Geographic Society

      Marcy McDonald is the total package. She can brainstorm concepts, create and then supervise content development, and make sure all gets done on time and on budget. Seriously, if Marcy is in charge of something, it gets done, and done well.”

      Robert Greenberg

      Music Historian-In-Residence With San Francisco Performances

      “Marcy McDonald was my favorite colleague of all time. She is smart, knowledgeable, and flexible, someone whose unbelievable work ethic is only outdone by her kindness and collegiality.”

      Dean Hodgkin

      International Fitness Presenter

      “A skilled strategic thinker, Marcy is great at holding onto the big picture, which allowed me to focus purely on my course content and delivery. In addition, she brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience that meant she provided critical input in the content that definitely enhanced the end product.”

      Melinda Myers

      Horticulturist, Gardening Expert, TV And Radio Host

      “I have taught in the classroom, lectured on stage, hosted half hour garden shows and now produce nationally syndicated gardening segments. Marcy managed content, production, and graphic experts to record 2 courses with me that followed an entire growing season. The end product not only provided great content, but also has generated substantial earnings for me as the instructor.”

      Take action to improve your course’s health today! Let’s transform your course from ordinary…to EXTRAORDINARY!
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